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Some businesses come to us with a clear project idea. Some customers rely on xomox to help them scope a business improvement or product development project. Whatever the case, the Define phase is where we put all the ideas on the table and agree on a “minimum viable product”. This is a project scope that achieves the greatest possible bang for your buck.

Once we have the go ahead to proceed, the Elaborate phase is where we design the software. This includes mock-ups of all screens, identifying workflows and processes in more detail, planning project resources and timeliness and identifying any risks. We’re big on risk management, so if any of your requirements include technical or user acceptance risks, we’ll take the opportunity at this point to build a “proof of concept” before we progress to the Build phase.

Planning Your Scheme

The Planning phase is where the developers create and test the software against the agreed designs. From this point you’ll see your software come together very quickly.



Let Us Help

We have a range of support/help packages to suit your needs. We are always happy to make changes and enhancements to your software either as part of a premium support package or as small quoted enhancement projects as required.

We put together our best team suited to your idea, who possess the right skills, relevant experience and passion to add value to your business. We also understand that achieving success takes time, so we’ve built our business to enable us to engage with our clients on a long term basis to support their growth through user engagement analysis for product optimisation. We love what we do and we stand by our motto: Your Success is Our Success

Here Is How We Can Help

xomox Technology can transform your business processes by letting you do things the way you want to do them. The way that is unique and drives a competitive advantage that none of your competitors have. Off-the-shelf software works the same way for you as it does for all of your competitors. It’s understandable that the idea of custom might seem daunting at first. But we have the experience and track record to ensure your project focuses on adding the best value to your business, is properly change managed and successfully implemented and supported. Contact xomox and we’ll show you how you can become our next success story.