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call centre


A call center solution enables the company to handle customer interactions. Traditionally, call center software solution has been equated with only voice interactions. But, as time progressed, the customers have moved on from only voice calls to other mode of communication. With call center solutions the agents can place outgoing calls, handle incoming calls, track key call center metrics, perform workforce management, and upload automated scripts.

The customers are no more dependent on just one channel to reach the customer support. There are plenty of options available – live chat, social media, email among others. Having an XOMOX CRM ensures customer satisfaction and improve the level of customer engagement.


Reach Out for Results.

Use XOMOX' smart, tracked outbound campaigns for Marketing, Sales, Surveys, Collections, Polls and more to give you the metrics you need to ensure results.


Don't Miss any Opportunity

XOMOX' flexible IVR's, queues, queue monitoring allow your customers to reach you like never before. Track every inbound call to and follow up with built in tickets to ensure that no one get's ignored.


Need something proper & Organize?

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