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The Need for Technical Training Courses:

It has been observed consistently that, in spite of a high turnover of technical graduates in the region, the skills that are required to excel in the IT industry are sadly lacking in most. While aware of the theoretical aspects associated with their subjects, these fresh engineers & science graduates have literally no knowledge of actual implementation in the real word. Even the few basic projects they may have completed do not grant them any real insight into the actual outputs that are expected out of them. This is where XomoX Technology comes into play!

What We Offer:

Being an international technology service provider, XomoX works on various types of websites, mobile applications and software applications - along with digital marketing for the same. Thus, we keep ourselves abreast with all developments in the global I.T. industry and work on projects pertaining to all the latest business types. When we train the fresh college pass-out, it is on technology and techniques that are actually used by our in-house team of designers and developers to provide immaculate IT services to our clients on a day to day basis. They learn how to create the actual finished product from scratch, as per predefined project Scope of Work, and how to implement change orders as per feedback from clients. Not only are they trained on the various work processed, but also on how to get the job done on time, as per pre-defined S.L.A. (service level agreements). Moreover, in the real world, the same type of project may be contracted for various price ranges. The difference lies in the intricacy of the features provided and quality of finishing and debugging. The training we offer will also acclimatize the designers and developers with the various levels of finishing that are possible per project type. Our promise is an end-to-end solution that will help induct the student into the corporate culture and polish boys and girls into highly productive software professionals!